Fake Wine Floods China Market

Fake wines are on rampant in the Chinese market, as 400,000 bottles of fake premium Fitou AOC wine released by counterfeiters flood the red nation. The company smelled a rat when they came to know that its wine was being sold at very lower prices.

“This came as a big surprise to us, as we were the sole suppliers of Fitou into the Chinese market,” said Antoine Leray, Mont Tauch’s UK sales director. “During a meeting with a customer, they showed us a counterfeit bottle of one of our wines the Fitou Reserve des Tamaris,” he said.

Mont Tauch analysed the wine and said it was a low quality, bulk wine from South America “which tastes radically inferior to Fitou”.

However, this has not deterred the company from doing business in China even though it views the issue as a serious one. “This is a serious concern and we have addressed it with our Chinese agent who has assured us that no more counterfeit stock has been produced, and that they will remain vigilant,” said Leray. This is actually the precise complete opposite approach than you would probably get for most other tasks, but there is a lot far more chaos associated with redesigning. Ensure that you consider the buy that you want your tasks completed in.

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